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The Unexpected Benefits of Vision Therapy


The Unexpected Benefits of Vision Therapy

The Unexpected Benefits of Vision Therapy

January 21, 2022 abbey No Comments

Vision training offers a solution for individuals with visual processing disorders or problems interpreting the information provided by the eyes. While there are expected benefits, such as an easier time focusing and concentrating, there are also many unexpected benefits that can result from vision training.

Decreased Injuries

Do you find yourself or your child constantly bumping into objects, always having a range of bruises across the body from the many injuries it sustains?

This might, in part, be due to problems with proprioception, which is the awareness of your position and movement in space. When there is a problem with the neural pathway responsible for this, you may find that you continually bump into objects. This happens because your brain misjudges how close they are or how much space there is for you to travel through.

With vision training, you heighten the neural pathways responsible for proprioception, meaning you will spend less time bumping into objects as you travel normally through your day.

Fewer Headaches

Our two eyes work together to piece together what we see in the world. However, if the eyes stop working together, you can experience eye-teaming problems that result in double or blurred vision. When this happens continually, headaches can occur.

By improving eye-teaming and helping the eyes go back to working together, double vision and blurriness no longer become a problem, and headaches occur less frequently.

Better Sports Players

When playing sports, an important skill is the ability to switch focus between near and far objects, such as the ball and the other players. This skill is called the accommodation reflex. When you have a weakness in this reflex, it can become difficult to concentrate. Improving this skill allows children to better switch between focuses, making them a better player on the sports field.

Newfound Love of Reading

Do you have a child that hates reading, no matter how many different books you offer? These sentiments might originate from difficulty focusing and processing what is happening in the book. Children that have problems with eye-tracking often skip lines, misread words, and read the same sentence over and over, making it difficult to understand what is happening in the story. Children with eye-teaming problems often develop headaches when trying to read, making them develop adverse feelings toward the activity.

When eye-teaming and eye-tracking skills are improved in vision training, someone may find that, now that reading is easier and does not cause headaches, they enjoy sitting with a book and escaping into a fictional world.

Long-Lasting Benefits

Vision training can provide all the above benefits, which will often have a long-term impact on your child. An easier time reading means that school will become easier and less frustrating. Improving a sports ability can help someone form close relationships with their teammates while also releasing energy in a healthy way. The benefits of vision training are far-reaching and can often snowball in ways you would never expect.

If you are interested in the benefits of vision training, reach out to Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic for more information.


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