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Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic offers comprehensive and highly individualized assessments and therapies for infants, children, and adults. Whether you have tried various therapies before or you are seeking help for the first time, we strive to take a collaborative approach to understanding and helping your unique situation. Research has shown that a multidisciplinary approach yields more effective treatment outcomes. As such, we pride ourselves on providing this multi-faceted approach to help you understand your concerns and achieve your goals. Our clinical team is comprised of experts in a variety of assessment modalities, as well as both traditional and innovative therapies. We want to help you grow and be the best you.

Richard Abbey, Neuropsychologist, Board Certifies in Neurofeedback

We help you move forward, no matter your age, your symptoms, or your goals.

Clients see us for many reasons. Some are struggling to sustain attention (ADHD/ADD) or are experiencing difficulties with academics (learning disabilities – dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia). Others are finding it difficulties to regulate their emotions or behavior in the school or work environments (Anxiety, Depression, PTSD). We also see  clients for more medically-based concerns (Autism, TBI/Concussion, headaches or migraines, memory and cognitive decline). However, you do not have to have a concern or a diagnosis. Many clients we see simply want to achieve overall wellness and be their best selves.

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Psychotherapy - CBT, play therapy, depression ,Anxiety

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