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Vision Training


If you have visual processing disorders or problems interpreting the information your eyes are giving you, then let us improve the quality of your life.

Vision Training

Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic

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Vision Training

Vision training can make a significant difference to your quality of life if you have visual processing disorders or problems interpreting the information your eyes are giving you. If you have these difficulties, the team at Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic in Palo Alto, California, excels in helping people of all ages using vision training techniques. Call Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic today to find out more.

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Vision Training

Vision training is rooted in the techniques used in vision therapy and vision rehabilitation. These techniques are helpful as treatments to improve 20/20 vision, but with Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic’s unique vision training program, the aim is to heighten and develop neural pathways relating to motor control and balance, and proprioception, which is the awareness of your position and movement in space. Vision training can also enhance the perception and processing of incoming visual information.

Approximately 80% of what you perceive and understand about the world is through your sight. Because of this, vision plays a key role in behavior.

Vision is what enables soccer players to assess the position of the ball and the speed at which they are running so they can kick the ball at precisely the right moment in exactly the right space to score a goal.

Vision is also what students use to track words across the page, understand what they’re reading, and write down answers to test questions.

Conditions that respond well to vision training include eye-tracking, eye-teaming, accommodation reflex, and visual processing disorders.

Being able to decode and understand what you’re reading becomes significantly more challenging if your eyes are not tracking letters and lines accurately.

Patients who have tracking difficulties sometimes skip lines, misread words, fail to recognize the same word a few lines later, reread the same sentence, miss word endings, find large text easier to read, and hold what they’re reading close to their face.

To properly focus and attend to information on the page or board, or even in the world around you, it’s important that your eyes work as a team. Eye teaming problems occur when your eyes aren’t working together, and you get double or blurred vision.

This can cause reading difficulties, headaches, problems working with computers and other screens, squinting, tired eyes, poor depth perception, and trouble concentrating.

Your accommodation reflex is the ability to shift focus between near and far objects. In a school setting, this is important when copying information from the board to your page. In sports, it’s vital to be able to see other players and the ball.

Weaknesses in eye accommodation can result in headaches, difficulties with concentration, and visual fatigue. They’re often caused by concussion or other brain injuries.

Once information comes through your visual sense, your brain needs to process it. Having problems with visual processing can result in poor letter discrimination, letter/symbol reversal, poor visual memory for spelling or reading comprehension, visual-spatial difficulties, visual-motor weaknesses such as struggling to keep writing within margins, and sequencing issues such as skipping lines when reading or problems identifying word or picture order.

The visual system is something that develops, and as such, it is also a neurological function that training can improve. Find out more about vision training by calling Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic today.

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What Our Clients Say

Dr. Abbey Designed a neuro feedback, visual training for my son who has overall delays. Devin made exceptional progress as a 27 year old young adult. In comparison to therapy he had has for years there was significant changes in social skils, verbal skills, attention and coordination. It was like taking steps in cognitive skills...

Pamela J.

Submitted 09/22/20

I am a private psychologist who has referred many clients to Dr. Abbey's clinic for both assessment and treatment. Dr. Abbey and his staff members have all been extremely helpful and both my clients and their families have reported effective treatment and positive experiences. The assessments and treatment...

Psycologist A.

Submitted 08/26/20

Dr. Abbey and his colleagues are extremely passionate about their work and truly care about providing the highest quality services to their clients. He is very knowledgable and dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment services to children to enrich their lives. He provides treatments that are based upon current research...

Eric P.

Submitted 08/26/20

Dr. Abbey saved our family. This might sound like hyperbole, but it is true. At 5 years, my son was almost non-verbal, and diagnosed by Stanford as being on the Autistic spectrum, and rated 9/10 on the ADHD scale. No private school would take him. A Doctor at the CHADD conference recommend Dr. Abbey to us, and when he did a brain map...

Tina Y.

Submitted 08/26/20

I am not easy to impress when it comes to practitioners. I have been through 20 years of Lyme and mold illness and seen hundreds (literally) of practitioners. Rachael Little at Abbey has been my practitioner for LENS neurofeedback, and I love working with her. She's compassionate, bright, and has a variety of tools that she is well-versed...

Scott F.

Submitted 08/26/20

The clinic itself is fine. The building is in a convenient location on Cal Ave and there's usually parking. Wish they'd leave the bathroom door unlocked, tho. What I'm more interested in is recommending therapist Rachael Little to anyone hoping to feel better or at least know that someone out there cares. I ended up with Rachael mostly by luck...

Matt C.

Submitted 08/26/20

Dr. Abbey is dedicated to his clients and is truly an expert in his field. The time and attention he devotes to his clients is evident. I strongly recommend this practice if you or your child need intervention for an attention or learning disorder. This is a well run clinic that focuses on the client and leverages the staff and Dr. Abbey's expertise...

Jamien S.

Submitted 08/05/20

Neurofeedback at Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic has been life changing for my family. I have been shocked and delighted by the amazing progress my 6 year old son has made. My son had a mix of autistic, obsessive compulsive, defiant, hyperactive and inattentive symptoms that have melted away after neurofeedback...

Allison S.

Submitted 08/04/20
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