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The Rise of Vision Training for Dyslexia - Purpose, Procedure, And Benefits Of Vision Training


The Rise of Vision Training for Dyslexia - Purpose, Procedure, And Benefits Of Vision Training

The Rise of Vision Training for Dyslexia – Purpose, Procedure, And Benefits Of Vision Training

August 22, 2022 abbey No Comments


If you are here, you are probably one of those who want to know if vision therapy is an effective treatment for dyslexia. Is it just a trend or is it beneficial for dyslexic people? Continue reading if you want to learn more about the efficacy and procedure of vision therapy. Before we get into it, make sure that you take a look at our website, which offers the best therapy treatments for dyslexia.

What Is Vision Therapy And Dyslexia?

What is vision therapy? Vision therapy is a treatment service that aims to improve a person’s visual abilities. The treatment includes techniques that help treat several visual problems, like amblyopia. Some of these exercises are as follows: eye exercises, testing, patching, and prisms.

The next question is: what is dyslexia? It is a general term used to describe learning disorders that hinder people from reading and interpreting terms as they face difficulties relating those words to their sounds. Dyslexia exists in four forms. The four types of dyslexia are:

  • Phonological dyslexia
  • Surface dyslexia
  • Rapid name deficit
  • Double deficit dyslexia.

How Does Vision Training Work?

Unlike other eye exams that mainly test your vision, vision therapy is a comprehensive assessment that tests the different visual abilities of a person. This is different from eye exams given in schools, which test mainly for distance vision. Your professional oculist will test for visual acuity, clarity of vision, visual information processing, and binocular functions.

After you complete the eye assessment, your vision training will create a plan for you that may include the following activities:

  • You may have to look through red/blue glasses to engage both sides of your brain.
  • Your trainer may ask you to complete exercises to work on tracking, eye teaming, and visual attention
  • Doing letter-finding puzzles
  • Wearing tinted glasses or placing tinted plastic over reading material

Is Vision Training an Effective Treatment for Dyslexia?

Now that you know how vision training works, does vision therapy treat dyslexia? A lot of people have heard it can help with dyslexia. However, several studies suggest otherwise. The main and plausible reasoning behind it is that dyslexia is a learning disorder linked with language use, not vision. Thus, proving that there is no link between vision therapy and dyslexia is not a suitable treatment.


Conclusively, vision training is not the best treatment for dyslexia. However, if you are looking for the best ways to treat dyslexia, we suggest you book an appointment and meet with the best therapist near you. We offer exclusive therapy, counseling, and neurofeedback services that effectively treat your dyslexia. Moreover, we also have the best remote therapy treatments that will help to improve your mental health.




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