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Are you looking to improve your health and optimize your brain functioning? Are you looking to add a mind-body approach to your routine that can bring you to a healthier and more fulfilling life? Do you want to fit in a short, but intensive workout?

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Neurofeedback is an all-natural approach that makes lasting changes at the source: your brain’s imbalanced brainwaves. Through neurofeedback you can target one modality to target and improve, such as attention or memory. We can help your school or work performance improve and give you that extra edge.


Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning (CVAC) is a whole body adaptive conditioning program where there are dynamic changes in pressure, eliciting adaptive responses from our bodies. With CVAC, we are able to exercise and recover at the same time. Our bodies respond to CVAC like moderate to high intensity exercise. However, it signals to our nervous system to go into recovery mode. It signals to the parasympathetic system to go into “rest and digest” mode. This stimulates lymphatic flow, CSF movement, sends blood to liver instead of legs and arms with mechanical exercise.

Vasper and arx

At our Gray Matters performance center, you can get a full body workout without spending 3 hours at the gym. Our equipment optimizes the amount of effort and work you put in while minimizing time. Our equipment is perfect for those with a busy daily schedule, long work hours, working parents or those who aren’t able to move much physically.

light therapy

Near infrared light therapy utilizes near infrared light to stimulate a biological response at the cellular level. ATP is our body’s main source of energy and this form of light therapy is known to increase cellular respiration thereby increasing ATP biosynthesis. On a cellular level, light therapy improves cellular function and boosts ATP production. This can improve skin health and increase collagen. The near-infrared wavelengths can penetrate into deep tissue and improve muscle soreness, joint pain, and inflammation.

More energy

More awake, alert, and focused.

improve your mental well-being

Our mind and body are connected - improving your physical health will in turn help improve your mental health.

more stable mood

Leading a healthy lifestyle leaves us in better moods, better able to cope with stress and enjoy our daily lives.

Our advanced and state of art brain training solutions help individuals achieve peak performance and resolve a variety of conditions through improved brain regulation.
We assess your unique needs and level of functioning before drawing up a customized plan for you. Our solutions are evidence-based and rigorously studied. They’ve been used by students, medical professionals, athletes, leading executives, and more for decades.

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