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Understanding ADHD in Students: How a 504 Plan and IEP Can Help


Most parents of children with ADHD know the struggles of helping their child succeed in school. The good news is there are strategies and tools available to help their kids thrive in the classroom. A 504 plan and an Individualized Education Program (IEP) are two such tools that can make a big difference in your child’s success. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a 504 plan is, how it can help your child, and the benefits of an IEP for students with ADHD.

Tips for Your Student with ADHD

How ADHD in Students Affects Educational Ability

The first step in helping your child with ADHD succeed in the classroom is understanding how the condition affects their ability to learn. Affected children often struggle to focus, stay on task, and complete assignments due to impulsivity, hyperactivity, and difficulty regulating attention. This can lead to lower grades and disciplinary issues, which can have a lasting impact on their academic success if left unchecked.

What Is a 504 Plan in School?

One way to help your child cope with their symptoms is through a Section-504 plan. This is an individualized program designed to accommodate children with disabilities or learning challenges like ADHD. These plans are often created in conjunction with school officials and outline specific strategies for handling tasks like taking tests, completing projects, and staying organized. Common 504 plan accommodations may include extra time on tests, preferential seating arrangements, modified assignments, reduced distractions in the classroom, or more frequent breaks throughout the day.

How to Get 504 Plan Accommodations for Your Child

Getting a 504 plan for your child starts by talking to their teacher and school administrators about your concerns. Then, you’ll want to pursue an evaluation for your child, such as a neuropsychological assessment to.develop a customized plan that includes the necessary accommodations. Once approved by all parties involved, a 504 plan ensures that all members of the team are held accountable for making sure these accommodations are met so your child can succeed.

Ensure Your Child Has the Resources They Need to Succeed

Want to make sure your child has the proper accommodations for their learning needs? Schedule an initial call with Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic today, and let’s discuss how we can best support your child.

More Benefits of 504 Plan Accommodations

ADHD in students does more than just make it hard to pay attention or sit still in a learning environment. It can also create significant challenges regarding your child’s wellness—they may struggle with anxiety, stress, or even low self-esteem as they see their peers advance without them. With the right 504 plan accommodations in place, these issues can be addressed head-on, giving your child equal access to education and allowing them to achieve more meaningful results.

Get Additional Support With an IEP

In addition to a 504 plan, you may also want to consider an IEP for your child with ADHD. An IEP is a legal document that outlines specific goals and objectives tailored to your child’s needs, enabling them to receive special education services at school. An IEP is not necessarily an alternative to 504 plan accommodations—it’s often used in conjunction with them to provide additional resources and support.

An IEP includes information about your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as tailored strategies for addressing concerns related to academic achievement or behavior. It also provides additional information from specialists like speech or occupational therapists that help your child receive the care they need.

Let’s Build a Plan Together

At Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic, we understand the challenges of dealing with ADHD in students. We know that it can not only make learning difficult, but also significantly impact self-esteem. We help provide medication-free treatment options, comprehensive neuropsychological assessments, and ongoing support to ensure that your child always has the resources they need to excel in a classroom setting.

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