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How Can Neuropsychological Assessments Help Treat Mental Illnesses?


How Can Neuropsychological Assessments Help Treat Mental Illnesses?

How Can Neuropsychological Assessments Help Treat Mental Illnesses?

July 30, 2022 abbey No Comments


Have you ever thought about how you can improve your memory, increase your concentration span, have a sharp focus, and have a better mood? The best solution is a neuropsychological assessment if you have a hundred problems.

A neurological evaluation will give you a detailed assessment of your cognitive functions and answer the questions mentioned above. One of the benefits of neurological assessment is that it helps your mental health professionals create a more effective treatment plan for your specific problems.

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Brain Training – Purpose And Benefits

Have you heard of brain training before? If you have no clue what it is and don’t know the benefits of brain training, then don’t worry because we have your back!

For those who don’t know, cognitive training (also known as brain training) is a non-pharmacological approach involving regular mental activities. These games or activities help maintain or even sharpen and improve a person’s cognitive abilities.

Cognitive/brain training targets the following mental abilities to improve the person’s overall cognitive functioning and mental health:

  • Attention
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Problem-solving
  • Reasoning
  • Working memory

In addition, other forms of cognitive training can help maintain or improve a person’s mental fitness and cognitive functioning. Another way to understand brain training is to focus more on keeping the brain fit – just like how exercise improves and maintains physical health.

What Are Neuropsychological Assessments?

Let’s start by answering the question: what are neuropsychological assessments? Neurocognitive testing (NT) involves a series of non-invasive neurocognitive tests through which mental health professionals can measure specific brain cognitive processing areas. These neurological assessments test your brain’s performance and check if any areas of the brain are performing poorly and contributing to your mental health difficulties.

One of the benefits of neuropsychological assessments is that they assist mental health professionals and doctors in determining what effects certain negative habits or behaviors have had on your brain function or how they could affect you in the future.

Why Should You Get a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

The NPE is a comprehensive test that usually takes 4–5 hours to complete. A highly qualified neuropsychologist performs these neuropsychological evaluations. If you are looking for the best neuropsychologist, who can treat your condition and offer you the best NPE services, then book an appointment with us today!

The NPE requires the patient to use different parts of their brain while performing a range of problem-solving tasks and activities to measure different neurocognitive skills, such as:

  • Attention and concentration
  • Visual-Spatial Abilities
  • Multi-Tasking Skills
  • Impulse Control
  • Emotional Control
  • Memory
  • Language Skills
  • Processing Speed
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Abstract Reasoning Abilities


Neuropsychological testing is the first step people with mental disorders should take to ensure that their treatment will have high efficacy. If you want to take the NPE test with the best therapist, book an appointment today!


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