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Best Foods for ADHD: What should my child be eating?


Best Foods for ADHD: What should my child be eating

Best Foods for ADHD: What should my child be eating?

August 22, 2022 abbey No Comments


Are you a parent of a child with ADHD who is also a fussy eater and have no idea how to incorporate nutritious foods into their diet? Look no further! We’re going to provide you with some advice on the following topics in this article:

  • The best diet for children with ADHD
  • How to give healthy food to a child with ADHD?
  • What foods should children with ADHD avoid?

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The Best Diet For Children With ADHD

Let’s start with a simple question: can nutrition help with ADHD symptoms? Even while diet does not cause ADHD, certain foods may aggravate ADHD symptoms. But what meals are beneficial to ADHD children? The following are the healthiest foods for children with ADHD:

  1. High protein diets – having nuts, eggs, beans, and cheese for after-school lunch or breakfast can help to improve concentration.
  2. Include complex carbohydrates – giving your ADHD child fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber as well as whole grains rich in complex carbohydrates can help improve their overall quality of sleep, which helps reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity.
  3. Omega 3-rich diets – you can give omega-3 fatty acids to your child in the form of tuna, salmon, walnuts, Brazil nuts, olive, and canola oil.

How do I get my kid with ADHD to eat those healthy foods?

Now that you know what foods to feed your ADHD child, another typical problem that most parents experience is getting their children to consume them. Why don’t children with ADHD seem to be hungry? It’s usually a side-effect of ADHD medications; it’s not dangerous, though you have to ensure that they have a healthy appetite. Furthermore, many ADHD children get so busy that they forget to eat. Here are some suggestions to ensure they get adequate food:

  1. Set a schedule – children with ADHD will benefit immensely from a strict routine. You must ensure that your child doesn’t stay hungry for long hours, or they will try to fill their stomachs by having unhealthy snacks.
  2. Work smarter – if your child is a picky eater and doesn’t like fruits and vegetables (that’s perfectly normal!), try sneaking them healthy foods! For instance, try giving them fresh strawberry milkshakes or apple juice instead of asking them to eat a whole apple or strawberries.
  3. Set examples – remember eating spinach as a child because of “Popeye, The Sailorman”’? Setting an example for your child through your eating behavior will encourage them to try healthy foods.

What To Exclude From A Nutrition Plan For ADHD Children?

You now know what meals to feed your child, but what foods should your child with ADHD avoid? According to research, the following foods may aggravate ADHD symptoms in children:

  • Sugary foods
  • Snacks containing artificial food dyes
  • Fast, packaged, or processed foods – contain added sugars, salts, calories, chemical additives, and preservatives.


We hope this post has helped you understand what foods you should and should not feed your ADHD child. Furthermore, we hope that the advice we gave you on feeding healthful foods to your ADHD child would help improve their appetite and symptoms. If you are afraid that your child may have ADHD, we provide the best ADHD treatment. Make an appointment with us straightaway!





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