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ADHD in Girls - The Symptoms and Signs Ignored in Females


ADHD in Girls - The Symptoms and Signs Ignored in Females

ADHD in Girls – The Symptoms and Signs Ignored in Females

July 30, 2022 abbey No Comments


Experts believe clinicians ignore the signs and symptoms of ADHD in girls and thus, misdiagnose them. Here are a few key reasons why therapists miss diagnosing ADHD in girls:

  • Most females often experience internalized and less noticeable symptoms.
  • Girls may use coping strategies that help hide their symptoms of ADHD.
  • Sometimes, parents and teachers are less likely to refer girls for an ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

Unfortunately, females who don’t receive the correct diagnosis may not get the right amount and kind of support. As a result of negligence, females tend to face more challenges than males do at home and school, which persist into adulthood. Their untreated symptoms may significantly affect their work, social relationships, and overall quality of life.

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Symptoms of ADHD In Females

Before we look at the symptoms of ADHD in females, you must note that not all girls with ADHD will exhibit all of the signs and symptoms listed below. Another thing you should remember is that having one or two of these does not mean you may receive an ADHD diagnosis. However, suppose you or someone you know or love seems to exhibit a few of these symptoms regularly. In that case, we suggest you discuss this matter with an experienced professional as that may be beneficial. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Females with ADHD may withdraw from social environments
  • They cry easily
  • You or your loved ones are always daydreaming and living in a world of your/their own
  • Girls with ADHD may have a hard time maintaining focus and may get easily distracted
  • Their appearance and living areas may be disorganized and messy
  • Females with ADHD may lose all of their motivation and may stop trying hard to achieve their aspirations
  • They are forgetful
  • ADHD female patients are sensitive to noise, fabrics, and emotions
  • They are hyper-talkative and not good listeners
  • Girls with ADHD may appear as hyperactive individuals (show exaggerated emotional responses)
  • They make a lot of careless mistakes
  • She might often slam her doors shut
  • Poor time management skills

Diagnosis Of ADHD In Girls

Every child manifests symptoms of ADHD very differently. Usually, people mistake the symptoms girls with ADHD exhibit for their character traits. So, you may ignore the symptoms your loved ones (who are female) are experiencing. It’s essential that you immediately get them checked by a mental health professional. It may also be possible that you or your loved ones don’t have ADHD, but it’s always better to see a therapist to confirm that you aren’t at risk.

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What Is Inattentive ADHD In Girls?

Several studies show that most girls with ADHD have the inattentive form of mental disorder. It means that they have problems focusing but are not hyperactive and impulsive. However, some girls are hyperactive and impulsive with fewer obvious symptoms than boys, so it often goes unnoticed or unacknowledged.


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