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What is Attention and Focus Training?


What is Attention and Focus Training?

What is Attention and Focus Training?

January 21, 2022 abbey No Comments

For those with difficulty concentrating, staying organized, or following multi-step directions, attention and focus training may be just what your brain needs. All three of these skills rely on your working memory, so struggling with these skills may signal poor working memory. Luckily, this is something that you can strengthen.

What is Working Memory?

Working memory is a type of executive function performed by the brain. It allows us to work with information while not losing track of what we’re supposed to be doing.

Working memory is like a note that you quickly jot down but throw away once the day is done or your task is complete. You didn’t need to remember that thing forever, just while working on a specific task.

For example, when a child works on a math problem, they hold the numbers in their head while they work on the problem. But, they don’t remember the numbers by the end of the class, or even when they move on to a new problem. Working memory allows them to hold onto the information just for the task they need it for.

While working memory is associated with short-term memory due to its temporary nature, it is also important for long-term memory. If your working memory is weak, your brain has a hard time properly storing things in your long-term memory, if it even stores them at all.

What Does Attention and Focus Training Do?

Now that we know what working memory is, let’s dive into how attention and focus training can help improve it.

As expected, working memory, and its job in holding onto information while you complete a task, is important. If it is weak, you may have difficulty concentrating, staying organized, or following multi-step directions. This is because you have a hard time working on something while also mentally holding on to the necessary information.

Attention and focus training can help strengthen your working memory. Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic can help you attain an 80% improvement with just 25 online sessions of Cogmed.

What is Cogmed?

Cogmed is a computerized training program with 30-45 minute sessions.You will be assigned a coach who provides motivation and customizes the difficulty of your training so that you are working only on areas that need your attention.Since it is online, you can complete it whenever it fits your schedule, in whatever location works for you.

Cogmed sessions are reminiscent of video-game-like exercises, where you may be asked to do tasks such as remember and repeat the order in which objects light up.Cogmed improves both visual and verbal working memory, so you will experience some auditory tasks as well.

You can expect about eight different exercises during each session, which will increase or decrease in difficulty based on the results of previous activities. The goal of Cogmed is to encourage growth without the session becoming too difficult and frustrating.

Cogmed is available for individuals of all ages, from preschoolers to adults. If you think that you could benefit from attention and focus training, reach out to Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic for more information.

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