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Vision Training: Treat Your Migraines At Home


Vision Training: Treat Your Migraines At Home

Vision Training: Treat Your Migraines At Home

April 27, 2022 abbey No Comments

What is Vision Training?

While common eye problems such as Myopia or astigmatism are due to the irregular shape of the eye, there are some issues that have different causes. Convergence  Insufficiency was misinterpreted as Myopia; however, over the last few years, a different reason has been found. Issues like strabismus or Convergence Insufficiency deal with the failure of the eyes to work together properly. Lenses cannot correct this lack of ability to focus, and this is why Vision Therapy or training was created.

Vision therapy allows for the coordination between the eyes to be aligned for sharp focus. Most of the time, this mal-alignment between the eyes results in people having extreme migraines, and vision therapy may help relieve that.

So what are the different migraine treatment options?

There are two categories into which the migraine treatment options fall:

1.    Medications for migraine relief

People need to take these medications during a migraine attack. The sole purpose of these medications is to prevent the symptoms of migraine and help in migraine relief.

2.    Preventative measures

These include all measures set to try and prevent migraine from coming. Many medications are a part of these measures, as well as preventive therapies. The migraine treatment choice depends upon the consistency of migraine headaches, the intensity they occur with, and other symptoms that they may be coupled with.

Both of them are beneficial migraine treatment options.

So how does vision training cause migraine relief?

Migraines are headaches that generally present only in one-half of the head. The most notable reason for migraines to occur was a constriction of the blood vessels leading to a decrease in blood flow. Over time, scientists have found that vaso-constriction is partly a symptom and some other factor initiates the headache.

Through research, a few reasons have been pointed out, one of which is brain fatigue. The brain carries out all functions around the lock, but sometimes simple tasks such as focusing on an object for vision can induce migraines. The inaccuracy of vision puts inherent stress upon the brain’s ability to process the image. For people who are prone to migraines, flickering or glaring lights can also be migraine-inducing.

Vision training focuses on improving the brain’s sensory-motor perceptual stimulation in specific and sequential ways. The eyes coordinate in rhythm with each other. When the said rhythm is off, the brain loses the ability to properly perceive space and the ability to balance the body. Vision trading proves itself to be very useful for the migraine prone. With the correction in the eye coordination pattern, people are able to experience migraine relief by preventing fatigue and stress.

Are there any At-Home migraine care remedies?

There are many at-home migraine care; these are some of the best and most effective ones:

1.    Bring down the Temperature

You could do this by using a gel pack or a washcloth. The goal is to bring the temperature down and cause vaso-constriction to induce decreases in blood flow temporarily.

2.    Caffeine

From coffee to soft drinks, caffeine is present in almost every daily beverage you consume. It is very beneficial; when taken in moderate dosages for migraines.

3.    A good night’s sleep

Our circadian rhythm is programmed into us; it is a natural clock that regulates our waking and sleeping. Correction of the circadian rhythm may lead to migraine relief as well. If you experience migraines, make sure that you have a pitch dark room with no noise for some well-deserved rest.


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