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We pride ourselves in serving the Bay Area’s children as the leading experts in childhood growth and development. In addition to our non-medication treatments for ADHD, we offer counseling and therapy for children and their families. We employ a variety of play- and art-based psychotherapies in addition with parent coaching to help nurture your child to bring out their best selves. Our child therapists, Doctors Zubillaga and Braje, have extensive experience working with children suffering from trauma, bullying, fear and anxiety, and grief. They can help a child cope with the death of a loved person, navigate their parents’ divorce, or learn how to make and keep friends. They also provide skills and strategies to children who have learning disabilities and ADHD. 


We take a pragmatic, individualized approach to psychotherapy. Together, you will identify goals and work towards them in an empathic and supportive environment. Many people come to see us for therapy to help improve their relationships, to reduce their anxiety, or to work through a previous wound. Some people are not quite sure what they need, but are aware that they want to change something in their lives. For others, they may be feeling down or depressed, and are looking for ways to improve their mood. Our individual adult therapist, Rachael Little, practices primarily through an interpersonal and solution-focused lens, helping you to improve your relationships to others and yourself, while also finding concrete solutions to your problems. Let us gently guide you on your journey toward self-understanding and fulfillment.

Teens & families

Teenagers are a special population deserving of their own unique approach to therapy. We help teens and their families by promoting autonomy and empowering decision making as they take steps toward adulthood. We specialize in psychotherapy for teens with learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety and depression, autism spectrum disorders, and post-concussion syndrome. We have over 10 years of experience working with Bay Area teenagers and their families, and have a great understanding of what it means to be a teenager in this environment. We include parents and other family members in the therapeutic process so that teens feel supported and understood by the adults in their lives. We also offer parenting sessions to help guide parents through difficult periods with their teen or young adult. If you are stuck on the island of teenagerhood, we can be your life raft!

couples counseling

Whether you are in a long-term or brand-new relationship and want to improve communication and trust, we can help! Our couples therapist, Rachael Little, takes a nonjudgmental, unbiased pragmatic and interpersonal approach to working with couples. No topic is off limits, and couples are encouraged to work on understanding themselves as much as their partner and work toward common goals together. Couples may wish to get along better, fight less, improve their sex lives, or perhaps are struggling to know when and how to end the relationship. Regardless of the goal, Rachael can help you redefine your relationship to one another and yourself.

We believe children flourish with love and positive discipline. We believe that loving and caring for your self is essential to being a parent; and that your children will present you with numerous opportunities to observe your reactive nature and by doing so take responsibility.

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