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Natural remedies for managing ADHD


Natural remedies for managing ADHD

Natural remedies for managing ADHD

November 25, 2022 abbey No Comments

There are many different natural remedies for ADHD, but it all comes down to what works for you and your family. It’s essential to listen to your clinician’s advice and to include your medical team in important decision-making. Here are a few suggestions for strategies and therapy treatments that help reduce symptoms and manage ADHD.

Neurofeedback for ADHD

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that trains the brain to regulate its own activity through the use of computer games or other activities. The goal is to create a more harmonious relationship between different parts of the brain, which helps reduce symptoms and improve brain function.

This style of therapy uses electrodes placed on your scalp to measure electrical activity in your brainwaves. Neurofeedback relies on biofeedback from the brain. By its very nature, this cognitive therapy is based on naturally occurring connections happening in the brain.

Brain training for ADHD

Brain training programs can help people with ADHD focus better on tasks and avoid distractions. Neurofeedback is one style of brain-training therapy that can assist people with ADHD. These programs typically involve practice with concentration exercises as well as visual and auditory skills training.

These tasks are carried out using biofeedback received directly from the brain. Similar to a video game or other software program, the patient receives information from their brain via a screen or computer.

Neurofeedback works by providing information on the brain’s electrical activity and then using that information to train the brain to function differently. As with many other forms of biofeedback, this training can be done in real-time.

Managing ADHD in children and teens

Of course, it is vitally important that each person’s health be looked at in a holistic way. For children and teens with ADHD, day-to-day lifestyle factors are an excellent place to start. Here are a few questions for parents to consider when evaluating regular routines.

Is my child getting enough exercise or active play each day? Are they sleeping enough, and is their sleep consistent? Are they eating a balanced diet, and if not, what can we do to improve it?

Keep in mind that even small changes may lead to pleasing results! And you don’t have to work on everything at once. Maybe this month you and your child will work on being more active. Perhaps next month the focus will be on improving aspects of their diet.

There are various natural remedies for ADHD that can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life. For some people with ADHD, a combination of natural treatments and medication may be recommended by their doctor.

Remember, you don’t have to travel this health journey alone. The staff at the Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic would love to answer your questions about what treatments would be best for you or your children.



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