Overcome ADHD and
Live a Normal Life

Untapped Potential

  • In Untapped Potential, you’ll learn what ADHD is, and what it is not! You will learn the mindset tools, and mental models to not only see opportunity for your child, but also to create more of it, and to help your child take advantage of it and to create the life you want for them. 
  • Take our quick test, and discover if your child has ADHD, AND, what to do about it! 
  • The key here is the mindset shift that this book will install. It’s a new lens that clarifies and helps you see the potential that is emerging all around your child. 
  • Once you have this new mindset, you’ll literally start seeing the opportunities for your child to realize their true potential everywhere.  

Choose Your #1 Goal

Diagnose Your Child

Determine if your child has ADHD

Double Executive Function

Double your child’s executive functioning skills in 3 months

Grow Social Network

Quickly double the number of friends your child with ADHD has in their life

Create Independence

Develop habits your child needs to create an independent, successful life

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What Are People Saying About Untapped Potential?

T. Y.

“Dr. Abbey saved our family. This might sound like hyperbole, but it is true. At 5 years, my son was almost non-verbal, and diagnosed by Stanford as being on the Autistic spectrum, and rated 9/10 on the ADHD scale. No private school would take him. A Doctor at the CHADD conference recommend Dr. Abbey to us, and when he did a brain map, it turned out our son had Auditory Processing disorder. A tutor had almost given up on him being able to learn reading through phonics. Just a few Neurofeedback sessions later, my son started blending sounds…”


“All 5 members of my family have been served by Abbey Clinic – it’s that good. We started with one kid as a test, and then continued on through the whole family because the experience with the first was so great. The report and insights given from the testing of my 3 kids has been hugely beneficial to their school and social lives. My daughter did brain training to help with her ADHD. We saw noticeable improvement. The same teenage daughter has made wonderful progress with her anxiety…”

A. S.

“Neurofeedback at Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic has been life changing for my family. I have been shocked and delighted by the amazing progress my 6 year old son has made. My son had a mix of autistic, obsessive compulsive, defiant, hyperactive and inattentive symptoms that have melted away after neurofeedback. Thanks to neurofeedback at Abbey Neuropsychology we are on a wildly different developmental trajectory, as he now seems like a slightly intense but typical child…”


“I brought my son to the Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic a year ago, and they did a very thorough evaluation on him and helped me understand his strengths and weaknesses. They then saw him for neurofeedback, and his attention has dramatically improved. My family and I will always be grateful!”


“Dr. Abbey and his colleagues are extremely passionate about their work and truly care about providing the highest quality services to their clients. He is very knowledgeable and dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment services to children to enrich their lives. He provides treatments that are based upon current research and very effective for children. I can’t recommend him more highly.”


“Dr. Abbey is dedicated to his patients and is truly an expert in his field. The time and attention he devotes to his patients is evident. I strongly recommend this practice if you or your child need intervention for an attention or learning disorder. This is a well run clinic that focuses on the patient and leverages the staff and Dr. Abbey’s expertise.”