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Neurofeedback And Cognitive Training For Kids With ADHD; A Suitable Treatment For ADHD


Neurofeedback And Cognitive Training For Kids With ADHD; A Suitable Treatment For ADHD

Neurofeedback And Cognitive Training For Kids With ADHD; A Suitable Treatment For ADHD

June 29, 2022 abbey No Comments


Are you a concerned and conscientious parent who wants to give your child the best treatment for ADHD? Then, look no further because we provide the best online neuropsychological assessments and remote neurofeedback! For further information, you can visit our website, and don’t forget to contact us if you require assistance.

In the following sections, we will briefly discuss the benefits of neurofeedback therapy and cognitive training for kids with ADHD.

Neuropsychological Assessments For Kids With ADHD

Firstly, what are neuropsychological tests used to assess? Before we get into it, please book an appointment on our website to receive the best neuropsychological assessment for your child.

This test will measure a child’s attention span, intellectual and learning abilities, and memory. The assessment will also test their visual-spatial skills, visual-motor integration, language, motor coordination, and executive functioning skills. In addition, the test will also give you an overview of the child’s emotional, social and behavioral functioning. The neuropsychological test results will help the mental health professional determine the child’s strengths and challenges. This allows the therapist to develop an effective treatment plan.

So, how does neuropsychological testing work? Your child will take different tests one-on-one with a provider. The testing includes game-like activities, puzzles, computer tasks, question-answer tasks, and paper-pencil tasks. Usually, the caregiver is not in the room during the test.

The test is usually 6 to 7 hours long (with breaks in between). The neuropsychology team holds a meeting with the caregivers who complete the necessary paperwork. Typically, the evaluation results and recommendations are given on the same day. You may receive a report in one to two weeks. The report will outline all of the results and recommendations.

Neurofeedback for Children With ADHD

In 2014, a study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics: Trusted Source. It showed that children with ADHD who underwent neurofeedback therapy experienced quicker and greater improvements (seen six months after neurofeedback sessions ended). In contrast, kids who had only received cognitive training or no treatment didn’t see a lot of improvement.

Therefore, the study suggests neurofeedback therapy is the best treatment for ADHD. It could have long-lasting effects, unlike ADHD medication that only eases symptoms. What is the best neurofeedback therapy near you? That’s great! We offer the best neurofeedback therapy at our clinic. Please book an appointment on our website.

How does neurofeedback work? It’s like playing a video game, but the child’s brain is the game environment. An EEG measures the child’s brain waves as they interact with the game.

The treatment starts showing its effects when children with ADHD learn how to control their brain waves. Neurofeedback therapy will improve the focus and attention span of the child.

What Is ADHD and Executive Function Disorder?

If your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you have probably heard the term “executive function.”

What is an executive function? The term refers to a set of cognitive skills humans use to function in several parts of their daily lives. This skill set helps us function socially and emotionally and complete academic or work-related tasks.

Children gradually develop these skills. However, children who have ADHD may have difficulty with these skills. They may lag in different areas of executive functioning. This makes it difficult for them to interact in social settings and succeed academically.

If you identified which functions create hurdles for your child – you could request help from a mental health professional. They will help them develop skills that will increase their ability to succeed socially and academically.


We hope this article clears all your doubts and misconceptions and explains why neurofeedback and other cognitive training methods are one of the best treatments for ADHD.





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