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Is Brain Training the Best Treatment for Anxiety and Mood Disorders? Benefits and Efficacy.


Is Brain Training the Best Treatment for Anxiety and Mood Disorders? Benefits and Efficacy.

Is Brain Training the Best Treatment for Anxiety and Mood Disorders? Benefits and Efficacy.

July 30, 2022 abbey No Comments


What is brain training? Brain training involves a series of games, drills, and activities designed to strengthen the brain and other cognitive functions. In other words, it’s like having a personal trainer for your mind instead of your body! Another simple way to understand the purpose of the technique is to strengthen our brains, just like exercise positively affects our physical health.

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How Can I Receive Brain Training For Anxiety At Home?

You may not have access to your therapy services all the time, and it may be possible that you suffer from an anxiety attack while your therapist isn’t available. If that’s the case, you can train your brain at home to fight anxiety. However, before we get into how you can get brain training at home for anxiety – do check out our remote therapy services! Here are a few ways you can train your brain and reduce anxiety while staying at home:

  1. Be aware and think about what you are worried about.
  2. Instead of worrying about things, try finding their solutions!
  3. Set a timeframe for worrying – rather than trying to get rid of these worries, take some time out for yourself.
  4. Challenge anxious thoughts by questioning their validity – ask yourself if you should worry about this or if your brain is manipulating you to make a big deal out of it?

How Can Brain Training Help Treat Mood Disorder?

Brain training helps to strengthen areas of the brain that are causing cognitive dissonance and weakening brain functioning. A recent study discovered that computerized brain training for bipolar patients helped improve their processing speed, visual learning, and memory. Regularly solving activities and brain games will not only help to sharpen your thinking skills, memory, and mental agility, but it will also help you regulate your emotions by controlling your brain activity.

Researchers are intrigued by the interesting aspects of brain training as it gives patients the experience of controlling different aspects of their brain activity.

Is Brain Training The Best Treatment for Depression?

Experts and psychologists claim that people with depression may lack inhibitory control. This eventually leads to people being swallowed by feelings of sadness triggered by information others would ignore or suppress with inhibitory control. It is hard for people with depression to control their emotions, so they may constantly ruminate about things and stay stuck on a specific thought or event.

Several studies from Posit Science use the BrainHQ app to see if it will impact test takers’ mental health. They found that brain training games can improve depressive symptoms in patients who have not benefited from medication. Moreover, they also discovered that brain training could even help reduce the risk of early onset depressive symptoms.


There are many ways people suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders can treat their condition. However, brain training is always one of the best ways to alleviate mood disorders’ symptoms. If you are looking for the best therapist to offer you the best brain training services, check out our website now!





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