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How Screen Time Impacts ADHD Brains: Effects And Tips To Limit Screen Time


How Screen Time Impacts ADHD Brains: Effects And Tips To Limit Screen Time

How Screen Time Impacts ADHD Brains: Effects And Tips To Limit Screen Time

June 29, 2022 abbey No Comments


How much screen time is too much? Does screen time impact ADHD brains and mental health? And how can parents limit screen time? Parents often ask many questions about screen time and its effects on mental health. People parenting children or teens with ADHD always fear how online media might affect them. This article will thoroughly discuss how screen time impacts ADHD brains.

Many studies show that screen time has an acute impact on ADHD symptoms. Children with ADHD are greatly affected at younger ages when kids are first exposed to screens and media. Book an appointment today if you are seeking professional help to guide you on how to parent a child with ADHD – book an appointment today!

Does Screen Time Affect Mental Health?

A study was conducted in 2019 on a group of 3000 Canadian teenagers to understand the relationship between screen time and mental health. The researchers found that when participants spent more time on it, it corresponded with increased chances of depression. Moreover, they discovered that increasing screen time by one hour within a year increased the severity of depressive symptoms.

In addition, doctors claim that digital media shapes children’s unrealistic views about the world. Therefore, this may lead to children becoming more insecure or not looking cool enough. They tend to attach their self-worth and esteem to the number of likes and comments they receive on a post.

Parenting A Child With ADHD

Parenting a child is not an easy job! The way a parent responds to a child can affect them profoundly. Hence, you must be very careful and calm when dealing with a child with ADHD. But don’t fret, because we will guide you on how to parent a child with ADHD!

As a concerned parent, you must be involved! It would be best if you kept educating yourself about the disorder and always asked for assistance from your mental health professional when required. Furthermore, you should set clear expectations for your child and discipline them with loving purpose and warmth. Moreover, you should try teaching your child one thing at a time, as children with ADHD have low attention and concentration spans. You can also join different support groups and seek professional help to learn more about ADHD.

Screen Time Limits For ADHD Families

These days, parents are concerned about their child’s screen time, and they don’t know how to limit a child’s screen time. But parents and caregivers who live with children who have ADHD have to face more significant challenges while managing their child’s screen time.

As a parent, caring for a child with ADHD can be overwhelming. So, below we have listed a few tips to help children with ADHD manage screen time! Before we get into it, if you want to sign up for the best treatment for ADHD – check out this website!

  • Hold a small meeting with your family to create the best screen time plan.
  • Make sure that your child is being exposed to age-appropriate content.
  • Warn your children if they don’t follow the designed schedule. However, don’t forget to reward them for obediently following the rules!
  • Limit their screen time! Many studies show that children with ADHD benefit more from less screen time.


Even though screen time has some benefits, it has adverse effects on children’s mental health. As parents of a child with ADHD, it’s essential that you vigilantly examine their screen use. Adding to this, you must also keep an eye on how media exposure affects your child’s behavior and well-being.





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