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Educational Therapy & Executive Functioning Skills Coaching

Our educational therapy program is designed for students with needs related to learning disabilities, learning differences, dyslexia, AD/HD and executive functioning. Your child will consistently meet with the same engaging, warm, and positive educator.

Through highly individualized programming using evidence-based methods and multi-sensory learning, your child will gain confidence and independence. Programming evolves as your child learns skills and strategies to address learning gaps. Sessions include practice and application of skills using actual classwork. Our educational therapist is committed to accessibility and a collaborative approach with your child, family members, teachers, and other specialists.

Beth Hill, M.S.Ed

Educational Therapy includes programming across skill and content areas using highly differentiated materials and methods:

  • Math Dyscalculia/Learning Disability: Meaningful math instruction using concrete manipulatives and specialized tools to support understanding of computation, concepts, application and word problems
  • Math Learning Differences: Targeted support for students encountering difficulty with the common core curriculum including school programs such as: EnVision Math, Singapore Math, Everyday Math, Eureka Math
  • Reading Decoding/Dyslexia: Orton-Gillingham, multi-sensory methods
  • Reading Comprehension: Literacy-based approach for understanding literature and reading in the content areas including social studies, history and science
  • Oral and Written Language: Vocabulary development, understanding directions
  • Writing: content, mechanics, spelling

As part of our Executive Functioning and AD/HD programming, students learn to apply strategy-based skills using actual coursework in all subjects. The program is designed to enhance mental processes used to plan and organize activities, sustain attention and complete tasks.

  • Goal-setting, self-monitoring and evaluating
  • Time management, scheduling, project-planning
  • Organizing materials and resources for homework, assignments, projects
  • Studying, note-taking
  • Test-taking skills
  • Following directions
  • Monitoring attention

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