Educational Therapy

Our learning specialists balance the need for step-by-step, direct instruction with metacognition and open-ended, creative thinking. For instance, rather than telling you how to solve a problem and then giving you a similar problem to solve, we help you discover a wealth of strategies that you can choose from and reflect on how a strategy helped you to solve a problem. 



We embrace a systematic approach and adapt to the needs of an individual learner. Our sessions are light-hearted and fun while simultaneously providing rigor and academic growth. We make certain you are supported and challenged in order to optimize results. 



Students with learning challenges benefit from our multi-modal approach. We do not work on homework but build the necessary skills to eventually tie-in to school work. 

Creative Thinking

We empower students to make decisions for themselves, recognize the value of learning from errors, and help them to become independent problem solvers.

We use specially designed lessons that allow our learning specialists to improve foundational concepts in reading, writing, and math, while improving the underlying processing challenges that impact learning.


Penmanship, verbal expression, planning and organization, grammar, summarizing and elaborating, short answer and essays, word choice


Number sense, quantity sense, word problems, procedural and conceptual thinking, and visual-spatial skills

learning to read

Working memory, processing speed, phonemic awareness, phonics principles, visual memory for sight words, and prosody for fluency


Comprehension: working memory, processing speed, imagery, main idea and details, note-taking, and critical thinking

Our sessions include holistic brain-based learning across skill and content areas using highly differentiated multi-sensory materials and methods that benefit students in the following areas.

Struggling in Math, Dyscalculia

Struggling Readers, Dyslexia

Reading Comprehension, Hyperlexia

Attention Difficulties, ADHD/ADD

Written Language, Dysgraphia

Receptive and Expressive Language

How is educational therapy different from tutoring?
Tutoring is enough for students who need to hear the explanation one more time, see it done another way, or simply need extra practice. Educational therapy is an individualized program that strengthens the underlying cause(s) of the learning struggle and helps students how to learn. It is holistic in nature. It considers all aspects of your learning style, environment, background, temperament, and goals. Educational Therapy helps makes sense of information within a contextual framework, allowing for integration and application.

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