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Improve Your Health with Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning

Have you ever wanted to get the benefits of exercise without ever having to move a muscle? With cyclic variations in adaptive conditioning (CVAC), you can.

CVAC allows you to sit comfortably while getting the benefits of traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise. While it may sound too good to be true that you can improve your general wellness without even moving, it’s not.

We use CVAC at Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic in Palo Alto, California as part of a comprehensive mind-body approach to improving your wellbeing. Dr. Richard Abbey and our team incorporate muscle-building technologies, brain training, and body conditioning into a treatment plan that helps you thrive.

How CVAC works

Despite all their benefits, exercises like running and weightlifting put a lot of strain on your joints and stress on your body. With cyclic variations in adaptive conditioning, you can get many of the same benefits of these exercises without putting any stress on your body at all. 

In fact, you never even have to move. Instead, you sit in an egg-shaped pod and relax. The temperature and air pressure within the pod change to give you the benefits of exercise without any physical exertion or joint stress.

As you sit, the pod decreases air pressure to mimic the effect of being at a higher altitude. It then increases that pressure to mimic going back down to a lower altitude. The increased effort your body needs to adapt to these changes in air pressure challenges it in much the same way as exercise does.

Health benefits of CVAC

The health benefits of cyclic variations in adaptive conditioning go beyond improving your athletic performance. Regular CVAC sessions can:

These benefits continue even on days you don’t have a CVAC session.

Quick improvements in health  

CVAC sessions take 20 minutes, alternating between working your body and allowing you to recover. Just several sessions a week can help you improve your athletic performance and endurance naturally and quickly. 

While you may see the benefits of CVAC after only a few sessions, the longer you continue to condition your body, the greater the improvements you’ll experience.

We offer CVAC along with services like neurofeedback, infrared light therapy, and specialized exercise equipment to improve your wellness from all angles. This can help you more quickly experience health benefits that can last a lifetime.

To get started on the path to wellness with cyclic variations in adaptive conditioning, call our office at 650-215-6840, or book an appointment online today. 

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