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Collaborative, comprehensive, and tailored assessments to help you optimize success in the academic, occupational, social, and/or personal health arenasAbbey Neuropsychology Clinic offers a variety of assessment options to help you understand and get to the root of your strengths and weaknesses. We take the time to get a holistic picture of you. This also means identifying a range of interventions that are a good fit for you and providing you with an easy to understand report that puts the whole complex picture together. We want you to have a clear path forward and leave with no questions unanswered. 

We do not just ask questions and administer tests. We strive to build a relationship with you in order to see the whole picture. This begins with a thorough history to identify any goals for the assessment. With your permission, we will also listen to what others in your life (teachers, other professionals, spouses, co-workers, etc…) can contribute to our understanding.

We combine standardized and specialized assessment measures with highly trained and practiced observation, to helps us understand your unique profile. As weaknesses surface throughout the testing process, more tests might be given to discover the root of struggles. Moreover, we work from a strength-based model, so identifying what you are really good at is also extremely important.

Our reports are comprehensive, easy to understand, have visual representations, and provide detailed recommendations to scaffold your success. Our assessments determine the root of challenges you may be experiencing, and also offer concrete solutions to these difficulties. We work with you to help you achieve understanding and provide options for improvement.

Our assessments provide you with a roadmap that builds on strengths to supports areas of weakness as you move forward. Although you might have a clear understanding of symptoms impacting daily life, what is causing those symptoms might be difficult to recognize without help. We provide you with traditional and innovative tools to help you reach your potential, while finding a balance.

Understand what route is best for you

Our team has decades of clinical experience, in assessment and therapy, and we strive to achieve the following: listen, understand, empower, enable, and maintain.

We understand that nothing is more important than the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social health of you or a loved one. Life forces many transitions.  We are here to help you. The mission of Abbey Clinic is to provide you with the best clinical service, and help with any concerns or roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your goals. 

Prompt assessments with practical recommendations

Our clients range from 2-year-old infants to young 94-year-old adults. Our multi-modal assessments are designed to be adaptable, comprehensive, practical, and innovative. Every client has a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. Understanding this profile is the key to effective and efficient solutions. 

We will continue to assess until we get a clear, in depth picture of you

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Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic has an elite team of experienced clinicians committed to understanding and helping you navigate your unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. 

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