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Abbey Concussion Center


Brain Map showing injuries

Brain Map reflecting no injuries

If you have had a mild head injury to more severe injury, we can help. We provide solutions, so you can get better!


  • Comprehensive assessments – In depth evaluation of all aspects of neuropsychological functioning
    • Processing speed, working memory, attention, learning and memory, executive functions, Intelligence, language, visual spatial, emotions, and motor functioning
  • Targeted
    • A streamline approach, for those who are interested in a quick assessment and treatment solutions.
  • Brain Mapping
    • In depth assessment on the activity of the brain, including the power and frequency, and connectivity (coherence and phase).
      • Whereas an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) shows the structure of the brain (e.g., highways), eeg brain mapping shows the activity of the brain (traffic flow, what roads are being used on the highways, timing of the traffic lights).


  • Eeg biofeedback – this often has the strongest effect on neuroplasticity of the brain using an operant conditioning model. We capture the brain improving and provide rewards (i.e., you make a video game work with your brain hands free), as you continue through the sessions, you learn how to make the games work with your brain. Your brain recovers, and you get better.
  • One-on-one training with one of our cognitive intervention specialists.
    • Train processing speed, working memory, attention, language, learning and memory, visual spatial functioning, motor functioning through one-on-one exercises.
  • Cooled compression with on a low intensity exercise bike helps improve recovery
  • Altitude conditioning helps improve circulation and reduce inflammation
  • Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) provides further inflammation reduction and helps improve functioning
  • If you have been told to get plenty of rest and just wait and see, you may be growing tired of waiting for the day when you are yourself again. Recover faster, recover better, take control of your health through taking advantage of your brain’s neuroplasticity through our brain training.

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